What Students Are Saying

“It is clear that Lev really cares about his students and our learning, and that is really encouraging.  There’s a lot of emphasis put on critical thought and this course has helped me to develop those skills.”  •  spring 2015

“Mr. S. is an outstanding instructor whose passion for teaching is indisputable.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be in his class.”  •  spring 2009

“Mr. Szentkirályi was by far my favorite teacher in my college experience thus far.”  •  fall 2011

“I loved the lively discussion-based nature of this class, and most days I found myself wishing class could go on longer so we could discuss these ideas more thoroughly”  •  spring 2015

“Mr. S. has brought energy and insight to each class.  He is always willing to meet outside of class and provides effective feedback.  Great semester.”  •  fall 2014

“Mr. Szentkirályi has a natural presence in the classroom that puts his students at ease [which] opened the class up for valuable exchanges of ideas and interpretations of the subject material.”  •  fall 2008

“It was a pleasure having Mr. S. as my instructor for this course.  His enthusiasm for the content was so strong and clear that I couldn’t help but be taken in by it at times.”  •  fall 2010

“Mr. S. was very motivating as he encouraged us to work harder.  I felt like I can ask him for help any time.  I did really bad on my first paper, so I went in for help and he was a tremendous help.  Great instructor.”  •  spring 2011

“I learned so much in Lev’s course, which really challenged students to think critically about different environmental policy issues in ways I was not used to.  I wouldn’t change anything about it.”  •  summer 2014

“Lev is great teacher if you want to learn and enjoy philosophy.  Bad if you simply want an A.”  •  spring 2008

“He was incredibly approachable and showed a genuine concern for his students, which established at first a rapport, but then a trust between teacher and students.  I truly felt that Mr. S. was rooting for us every step of the way and doing everything in his power to help us to succeed.”  • fall 2007

“Lev is a great teacher.  He is very professional and he cares about his students education.  He encourages students to want to learn.”  •  fall 2010