Environmental Justice and Normative Political Theory  •  Environmental Policy  •  International Relations

Research Interests
Environmental justice, environmental health policy, global environmental politics, precautionary principle and ethics of risk, food justice, climate ethics, just war theory, teaching and learning in Political Science

Peer-Reviewed Book
Szentkirályi, Levente. The Ethics of Precaution: Uncertain Environmental Health Threats and Duties of Due Care. New York: Routledge, 2019.

Peer-Reviewed Publications
Szentkirályi, Levente. “Moral Foundations of the Precautionary Principle: JUUL and the Hazards of Vaping.” In Clay’s Handbook of Environmental Health, 22nd ed., edited by Stephen Battersby. New York: Routledge (forthcoming).

Szentkirályi, Levente. “Luck Has Nothing To Do With It: Prevailing Uncertainty and Responsibilities of Due Care.” Ethics, Policy, and the Environment (forthcoming).

Szentkirályi, Levente. “A Rights-Based Conception of the Precautionary Principle.” In Handbook of Philosophy and Public Policy, edited by David Boonin, 749-65. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

Szentkirályi, Levente, and Michael Burch. “An Umbrella of Legitimacy: Rebel Faction Size and External Military Intervention.” International Political Science Review 39, no.4 (2018): 515-30. 

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications
Miller, Caleb, Colin Brown, Levente Szentkirályi, Joshua Dean, and Jake Eschenburg. “2016 APSA Teaching and Learning Conference and Track Summaries: Teaching How to Teach.” PS: Political Science and Politics. 49, no.3 (2016): 583-4.

Szentkirályi, Levente.Review of Politics of Precaution: Regulating Health, Safety, and Environmental Risks in Europe and the United States by David Vogel. Global Environmental Politics 14, no.1 (2014): 140-2.

Works in Progress
Food Insecurity and Precautionary Risk Regulations: Protecting the Right to Food That Is Safe to Eat

Inexcusable Ignorance and Climate Change: Accepting Responsibility for Historic Emissions

Uncertain Environmental Threats in Developing Nations and Duties of Non-State Actors

Reconciling Lockean Individualism With Safeguards Against Environmental Risk

Navigating Conventions of Political Science Scholarship: An Undergraduate Guide for Writing in the Discipline

An Empirical Test of the Value of Community Engagement

Conference Presentations
Integrating Writing Instruction into Content-Based Disciplines: Lessons from the Shortcomings of the Social SciencesInternational Writing Across the Curriculum (IWAC) Fort Collins, COPostponed until 2021 due to COVID-19 pandemic

Luck Has Nothing To Do With It: Prevailing Uncertainty and Duties of Due Care • American Political Science Association (APSA) • Boston, MA • September 2018

At the Intersection of Service-Learning and Writing Instruction: An Empirical Test of the Value of Community Engagement • APSA • Boston, MA • September 2018

What Good Is Research Methods Training without Formal Writing Instruction? • APSA • Boston, MA • September 2018

Food Insecurity and Precaution: Protecting a Right to Food That Is Safe to Eat • Western Political Science Association (WPSA) Annual Meeting • San Francisco, CA • March 2018

Community Engagement and Academic Success: An Empirical Test of the Benefits of Service-Learning • WPSA Annual Meeting • San Francisco, CA • March 2018

Integrating Community Service with Community-Based Writing: How Multifaceted Service-Learning Enhances Academic Success • Conference on Community Writing • Boulder, CO • October 2017

Mistaken About Our Students’ Critical Thinking and Writing Skills: A Proposal for a Keystone Writing in Political Science Course • APSA Annual Meeting • Philadelphia, PA • September 2016

Uncertain Threats of Environmental Harm and Obligations of Due Care (poster session) • APSA Annual Meeting • Philadelphia, PA • September 2016

How Formal Writing Instruction Can Improve Critical Thinking Skills and the Service-Learning Experience • APSA Teaching and Learning Conference • Portland, OR • February 2016

Safeguarding Against Uncertain Threats of Environmental Harm • APSA Annual Meeting (poster session) • Washington, DC • August 2014

Precautionary Risk Regulation as a Matter of Right • WPSA Annual Meeting • Seattle, WA • April 2014

Environmental Harms and the Enduring Appeal and Merit of Natural Rights • WPSA Annual Meeting • Hollywood, CA • March, 2013

An Umbrella of Legitimacy: Rebel Faction Size and External Military Intervention, with Michael Burch • Peace Science Society Annual Conference (poster session) • Savannah, GA • October, 2012

Lowering the Bar for Justified Military Intervention in Intrastate Conflicts? A Reply to Walzer • WPSA Annual Meeting • Portland, OR • March, 2012

Bottom-up Governance of the Environment and the Global Environment Facility’s Small Grants Programme, with María Fernanda Enríquez • International Studies Association Annual Convention • Montreal, Quebec, Canada • March, 2011

Lockean Libertarianism and Risks of Injury: Is the Lockean Libertarian Really Lockean or Simply Confused? • Human Rights Conference • University of Connecticut, Human Rights Institute (HRI) • Storrs, CT • April, 2009

Justice As Fairness and Reinventing Direct Democracy • Humane Studies Fellowship Research Colloquium • Institute for Humane Studies • Arlington, VA • May, 2008

Reconciling Libertarianism with Restricted Self-Ownership • American Philosophical Association Central Division Conference • Chicago, IL • April, 2007