Teaching Experience

Dr. Szentkirályi has been the lead instructor of 12 different courses in political theory, international relations, and academic writing.  He has demonstrated experience teaching highly-interdisciplinary content-based courses in environmental policy and political theory and global issues, as well as dedicated 16-week, skills-based academic writing seminars; teaching service-learning, hybrid, online, and RAP (residential academic program) classes; and supervising independent studies, undergraduate honors theses, and grants-based undergraduate research projects.

In striving to exemplify the teacher-scholar model, Dr. Szentkirályi has been awarded for teaching excellence, he has received teaching-and-learning grants to explore innovative ways in which faculty may improve their pedagogy and enhance the academic experience of their students, and he regularly facilitates workshops for graduate student instructors on best practices in student-centered teaching and learning, and creates new community partnerships and designs new meaningful undergraduate service-learning opportunities.  Moreover, in addition to a balancing an active research agenda with a regular 4-4 teaching load, Dr. Szentkirályi has also invested heavily in academic service and has notable experience directing student research and helping to place students into internships, jobs, and graduate programs.

Teaching Interests
Environmental justice, environmental health policy, ethics of environmental risk, global environmental politics, food justice, global justice, migrant rights, conflict studies, just war theory, empirical research methods

Teaching History • Instructor of Record
Courses include service-learning, online, hybrid, and residential academic program classes with CU-Boulder Program for Writing and Rhetoric, Philosophy Department, Political Science Department, and Continuing Education, as well as University of Northern Colorado Political Science Department.

•  War and Morality and the Enduring Struggle for Freedom
•  Environmental Health Science, Policy, and Ethics
•  Global Justice
•  Policy and Ethics of Local Food Insecurity
Climate Change, Environmental Health, and Resilience
•  Environmental Justice
•  Government and Capitalism in the United States
•  Environmental Political Theory
•  Global Issues

•  Critical-Thinking and Academic Writing
•  Professional and Academic Writing
•  University Dynamics and Strategic Initiatives
Writing in Political Science

Teaching History  •  Teaching Assistant
•  International Relations
•  History of Western Political Thought
•  Quantitative Research Methods
•  American Political Thought
•  Environmental Political Theory
•  Introduction to Environmental Public Policy Analysis
 Survey of Modern Political Ideologies
•  General Problems of Philosophy
•  Philosophy and Social Ethics

Teaching Grants and Awards

Calderwood Curriculum and Professional Development Grant ($6,000) • The Calderwood Gift Fund and Program for Writing and Rhetoric, University of Colorado • November 2018

Faculty Fellows Program Grant ($3,000) • Arts and Sciences Support of Education Through Technology (ASSETT), University of Colorado • January 2018-May 2019

Community-Based Professional Writing Teaching Grant ($1,000) • Program for Writing and Rhetoric, University of Colorado • March 2018-May 2019

Faculty Fellows in Community-Based Learning grant ($4,000) • CU Engage: Center for Community Based Learning and Research, University of Colorado • April 2016

Graduate Part-Time Instructor Teaching Excellence award (university-wide competition following nomination by home department) • United Government of Graduate Students, University of Colorado • April 2016

Mentoring and Supervision of Student Research

Undergraduate Honors Thesis Committees
•  Stephanie Yokell, IAFS •  Anticipated April 2021
•  Hank Graham, PSCI • Anticipated April 2021
•  Eleni Soulis, PSCI • Anticipated April 2020
•  Ricardo Zorce, PSCI • Anticipated April 2020
•  Katja Walton, PSCI • April 2019 (summa cum laude)
•  Katja Walton, IAFS • April 2019 (summa cum laude)
•  Rebecca Tyus, PSCI • April 2019 (summa cum laude)
•  Isabelle Granger-Frye, PSCI • October 2018 (summa cum laude)
•  Frank Hannigan, PSCI • April 2018 (magna cum laude)
•  Nicole Broda, MCDB • April 2018 (magna cum laude)
•  Holiday McAllister, JPNS • November 2017 (cum laude)

Letters of Recommendation Written for Students
•  Rafael Orozco Leon, PSYC March 2020 CU Exchange Program (Brussels)
•  Andy Brent, PSYC and NRSC November 2019 Ph.D. program applications
•  Kate d’Ouville, PSYC and PSCI August 2019 CU in DC Program
•  Munta AlZayer, CSCI May 2019 M.A. program applications
•  Nick Hubbuck, CHEN January 2019 20 summer research internships
•  Erin Nebel, CVEN October 2018 • CVEN B.S./M.S. Program, CU
•  Jasper Schneider, GEOG May 2018 • Ph.D. program, Virginia Tech
•  Marwa Osman, MCDB February 2018 • James Schafer Scholarship
•  Nathan Harvey, EVEN February 2018 • CU Exchange Program (Chile)
•  Grace McCall, CHEN January 2018 • USGS internship
•  Connor McCranie, MATH January 2018 • Ph.D. program applications
•  Bella Steinhauer, IAFS July 2017 • Babington Education, Hong Kong
•  Thomas Regur, JRNL May 2016 • ICTD M.A. Program, CU
•  Jack Berk, ECON March 2014 • Fund for American Studies internship
•  Lillian Waters, HIST February 2014 • CU Exchange Program (France)
•  Sarah Andrews, PSCI March 2013 • CU Exchange Program (South Africa)
•  Abby King, HIST September 2012 • CU Exchange Program (Spain)
•  Martha Berhane, PSYC April 2011 • USDE McNair Scholars Program

Supervision of Community Engagement

Policy and Ethics of Local Food Insecurity Service-Learning Course (Fall 2019)
•  In association with Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) School Food Project
•  Students produce consulting reports for BVSD that present the School Food Project’s efforts to mitigate hunger and food waste in Boulder County both to enhance public awareness of local food insecurity and also to motivate key stakeholders to make donations to allow for the expansion of SFP initiatives

Professional and Academic Writing Service-Learning Course (Spring 2019)
•  In association with CU-Boulder University Libraries
•  Students produce consulting reports for Norlin Library on the key CU administrators who advocate for open educational resources (OER) and key CU faculty who develop and/or adopt OER in their courses

Climate Change, Environmental Health, and Resilience Service-Learning Course (Fall 2018)
•  In association with Foothills United Way, Boulder County, and Community Resilience Council
•  Students explore public health-related problems of climate change and produce consulting reports for Community Resilience Council on CU-Boulder’s resilience initiatives and natural disaster response preparedness, and on at-risk student populations vulnerable to being harmed when disasters strike

Technical Communication and Design Service-Learning Course (Spring 2018)
•  In association with CU-Boulder Office of the Vice Provost and CU-Boulder University Libraries
•  Students produce consulting reports for Academic Futures faculty committee on long-term strategic academic initiatives, and for Norlin Library on the viability of adopting open educational resources

Global Justice Service-Learning Course (Fall 2016)
•  In association with Intercambio de Comunidades, a humanitarian organization in Boulder, CO
•  Students explore challenges underprivileged minority communities face and help area Latino/a immigrants improve technology literacy skills, and help revise Intercambio’s ESL teaching manuals

Volunteer Wilderness Conservation Field Work (Summer 2011)
•  In association with Student Conservation Association and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Students completed various invasive plant species control projects at North Hartland Lake, VT

College Internship Program (Fall 2009 and Spring 2010)
•  In association with Merrick Alpert for U.S. Senate and University of Connecticut Political Science Dept.
•  Students engaged in all aspects of a grassroots political campaign for student credit in New London, CT