Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness

Below are visual representations of various measures of Dr. Szentkirályi’s teaching effectiveness, as well as raw data from the teaching evaluations from the classes Dr. Szentkirályi has taught at the University of Colorado.  (Values are out of a maximum of 6.)

Faculty-Course Questionnaire (FCQ) evaluations from the Fall 2010 to Summer 2017 semesters—which provide comparative departmental and campus scores—are available at https://fcq.colorado.edu/UCBdata.htm.  However, beginning with the Fall 2017 semester, CU-Boulder switched to online FCQ submissions, and these records, unfortunately, are not conveniently available to the public.  CU-Boulder’s full and interactive FCQ dataset via Tableau is available here—from which comparative departmental and campus averages are drawn in the visual representations below.

Trends in Student Responses

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20.05_Instructor Overall

20.05_Intellectual Challenge

20.05_Encouraging Interest

20.05_Amount Learned



Teaching Evaluations

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Szentkiralyi_Teaching Evaluations