Levente (Lev) Szentkirályi is a Political Science Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Colorado, an instructor (GPTI) with the Program for Writing and Rhetoric, and a recent recipient of the Faculty Fellows in Community-Based Learning grant.  His interdisciplinary research bridges normative political theory with environmental policy, focusing specifically on the ethics of risk and environmental risk regulation.  His dissertation, for instance, examines the moral problem of releasing substances into the environment whose health effects are scientifically unverified and whose probability of injuring others cannot be calculated, and argues that if we are to respect the equal moral standing of those who are exposed to these uncertain threats of environmental harm, we have an obligation to exercise due care (precaution) to strive to prevent putting others in the way of possible harm.

Yet, Lev also has substantive research interests and teaching experience in international relations.  He is also concerned, e.g., with better understanding why third-party states intervene militarily on behalf of rebel groups, how the international community judges which revolutions are legitimate challenges to state authority, what the normative merits and limits are of resorting to revolutionary violence in self-defense, and the rights of those who are displaced by revolutionary violence and civil war.

Details on Levente’s interdisciplinary teaching record can be found under the teaching tab above.

† pronounced: sěnt-kē-rŏ-yē  ::  “sent-key-rah-yee”