Global Justice Course Readings

Adobe Icon Bartholomae, David, “Inventing the University” (1986)
Adobe Icon Beitz, Charles, “Justice and International Relations” (1975)
Adobe Icon Bell, Derek, “Global Climate Justice, Historic Emissions, and Excusable Ignorance” (2011)
Adobe Icon Justice Brennan, Plyer v. Doe Majority Opinion (1981)
Adobe Icon Bullard, Robert, “Unequal Environmental Protection” excerpt (1994)

Adobe Icon Caney, Simon, Justice Beyond Borders, Chapter 2: Universalism (2005)
Adobe Icon Caney, Simon, Justice Beyond Borders, Chapter 4: Distributive Justice (2005)

Adobe Icon Caney, Simon, Justice Beyond Borders, Chapter 7: Humanitarian Intervention (2005)
Adobe Icon Caney, Simon, “Cosmopolitan Justice, Rights and Global Climate Change” (2006)
Adobe Icon Carens, Joseph, “The Rights of Irregular Immigrants” (2008)
Adobe Icon Daly, Herman, “Sustainable Growth: An Impossibility Theorem” (1993)
Adobe Icon Donnelly, Jack, “Genocide and Humanitarian Intervention” (2002)
Adobe Icon Guardian, “Flee or Die: Violence Drives Central America’s Child Migrants to U.S. Border” (2014)
Adobe Icon Hardin, Garrett, “Lifeboat Ethics: The Case Against Helping the Poor” (1974)

Adobe Icon Keubrich, Ben, “White Guys Who Send my Uncle to Prison” (2015)
Adobe Icon Kuperman, Alan, “Moral Hazard of Humanitarian Intervention” (2008)
Adobe Icon Kuperman, Alan, “A Model Humanitarian Intervention? Reassessing NATO’s Libya Campaign” (2013)
Adobe Icon Los Angeles Times, “For Sale: U.S. Citizenship, $500,000 to $1 million” (2015)
Adobe Icon Maniates, Michael, “Individualization: Plant a Tree, Ride a Bike, Save the World?” (2001)
Adobe Icon Meyer, Emily and Louise Smith, The Practical Tutor, Chapter 2: Engaging in Dialogue (1987)
Adobe Icon Miller, David, “National Responsibility and Global Justice” (2008)
Adobe Icon 
Miller, David, “National Responsibility and Global Justice”—calculated skimming
Audio_Icon  NPR, “Factory Audits and Safety Don’t Always Go Hand In Hand” Podcast (2013) —Adobe Icon transcript available here
Adobe Icon Ngai, Mae, “Birthright Citizenship and the Alien Citizen” (2007)
Adobe Icon Plato, The Republic, Book VII excerpt on the “Allegory of the Cave” (1987 [380 BCE])

Adobe Icon Program for Writing and Rhetoric, CU-Boulder, Knowing Words, Chapter 4 (2015)
Adobe Icon Rawls, John, Law of Peoples excerpt (1993)

Adobe Icon Reuters, “Truck of Corpses, New Shipwreck Intensify Europe’s Migrant Crisis” (2015)
Adobe Icon Sachs, Jeffrey, “Development Challenge” (2005)
Adobe Icon Schuck, Peter and Rogers Smith, “Citizenship Without Consent” (1996)
Adobe Icon Shrader-Frechette, Kristin, Environmental Justice, Chapter 8: “Developing Nations, Equal Protection, and Limits of Moral Heroism” (2002)

Adobe Icon Shrader-Frechette, Kristin, “Human Rights and Duties to Alleviate Environmental Injustice” (2007)
Adobe Icon Singer, Peter, “Famine, Affluence, and Morality” (1972)
Adobe Icon Sinnott-Armstrong, Walter, “It’s Not My Fault” (2005)

Adobe Icon Sommers, Nancy, “Revision Strategies of Student Writers and Experienced Adult Writers” (1980)
Adobe Icon Sommers, Nancy, “Responding to Student Writing” (1982)
Adobe Icon Thonney, Teresa, “Teaching the Conventions of Academic Discourse” (2011)
Adobe Icon U.N. General Assembly, “Implementing the Responsibility To Protect” (2009)
Adobe Icon Young, Iris Marion, Justice and Politics of Difference, Chapter 1: Displacing the Distributive Paradigm (1991)
Adobe Icon Young, Iris Marion, Inclusion and Democracy, Chapter 1: Democracy and Justice (2000)
Adobe Icon Young, Iris Marion, “Responsibility and Global Labor Justice” (2004)
Adobe Icon Walzer, Michael, Just and Unjust Wars, Chapter 6: excerpt on external intervention (1977)
Adobe Icon Walzer, Michael, Just and Unjust Wars, Chapters 8-9: on principles of just war (1977)
Adobe Icon Walzer, Michael, Spheres of Justice, Chapter 2: Membership (1983)
Adobe Icon Christopher Wellman, “Immigration and Freedom of Association” (2008)