First-Year Writing and Rhetoric Readings

Adobe Icon Bartholomae, “Inventing the University” (1986)
Adobe Icon Economist, “God, Good Guys, and Guns” (1 Aug 2015)
Adobe Icon Economist, “Midsummer Murder” (15 Aug 2015)
Adobe Icon Economist, “[…] Some Oil Majors Are Still Ducking the Issue of Global Warming,” (14 Nov 2015)
Adobe Icon Economist, “Student ‘Safety’ Has Become a Real Threat to Free Speech on Campus” (13 Jun 2015)
Adobe Icon Hardin, “Lifeboat Ethics” (1974)
Adobe Icon Hosier, “Teaching Information Literacy Through Un-Research,” (2015)
Adobe Icon Jarvis Thomson, “A Defense of Abortion” (1971)
Adobe Icon Marquis, “Why Abortion is Immoral” (1989)
Adobe Icon McMahan, “Why Gun ‘Control’ Is Not Enough,” (19 Dec 2012)
Adobe Icon Mother Jones, “Yes, the Mainstream Media Does Publish Fake News,” (5 Jul 2017)
Adobe Icon National Geographic, “Population 7 Billion” (Jan 2011)
Adobe Icon National Geographic, “World Without Ice” – text only (Oct 2011)
Adobe Icon Newsweek, “Millennial College Graduates: Young, Educated, and Jobless,” (27 May 2015)
Adobe Icon New York Times, “Bullets Stall Youthful Push for Arab Spring,” (17 Mar 2011)
Adobe Icon Politico, “#SomeBlackLivesDontMatter” (27 May 2015)
Adobe Icon Schlosser, “I’m a Liberal Professor, and My Liberal Students Terrify Me” (Jun 2015)
Adobe Icon Singer, “Famine, Affluence, and Morality” (1972)
Adobe Icon Sommers, “Responding to Student Writing” (1982)
Adobe Icon Sommers, “Revision Strategies of Student Writers and Experienced Adult Writers” (1980)
Adobe Icon Thonney, “Teaching the Conventions of Academic Discourse” (2011)
Adobe Icon
 U.S. News and World Report, “There Is Value in Liberal Arts Education, Employers Say” (22 Sep 2014)